SMSHE Healthcare

SMSHE Bylaws



Explanation of Bylaws:

The SMSHE Bylaws are our operating manual. They define:

  • The size of the SMSHE Board and how it will function;
  • The roles and duties of SMSHE’s directors and officers;
  • The rules and procedures for holding meetings, electing directors, and appointing officers;
  • Conflict of interest policies and procedures;
  • How grant monies will be distributed;
  • Other essential corporate governance matters.

The Bylaws should be reviewed annually and, if amendments are sought, then all members are invited to vote on the proposed changes. Voting is to be initiated at least one month prior to the Annual Meeting, with the results announced at the Annual Meeting.

Please click to download a printable copy of the SMSHE Bylaws 2018

Link to ASHE Bylaws: