SMSHE Healthcare




SMSHE originally began as the Greater Detroit Area Health Council in the 1970’s and, after several name changes, emerged as the Southeastern Michigan Society for Healthcare Engineering. After incorporating as a 501(c)(6) non-profit, SMSHE re-organized as an independent ASHE Affiliated Chapter in 2010. SMSHE is dedicated to improving the communication, education and overall integrity of the healthcare industry.

Our philosophies are simple:

  • Provide a pipeline whereby healthcare engineers can share industry information with one another in an open forum;
  • Strive to provide exceptional educational programs for the betterment of our healthcare engineering members;
  • Provide an environment where associate members have access to facilities engineers in order to share state-of-the-art technology and applications, as well as cost effective solutions to support the continuing education of the professional members;
  • Provide fundraising opportunities and teambuilding events to encourage camaraderie and benefit our local communities;
  • Provide mentoring opportunities for the next generation of engineers;
  • Encourage volunteerism.

Vision Statement

SMSHE will provide the primary forum for local healthcare engineers and suppliers to engage in meaningful dialogue for the ultimate purpose of providing better patient healthcare.